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Don't Let Unpermitted Work Affect Your Options

Have you done something unpermitted to your property, like adding a certain unit? Today’s message is for you.

It’s important for you as a consumer to be aware of all the opportunities out there for you now. There’s a variety of products we offer at PrimeLending, but there is one product in particular in which many people aren’t aware. I’m excited to share it with you today.

Sometimes, a property will have a certain unit installed in it (or contract work done to it) that is unpermitted by the county. After anything unpermitted is done, the owners will find it difficult to refinance.

"Most banks will tell you, 'We're not going to touch this.'"

For example, if you have a single-family residence, but you built a unit in the back, you’ve likely done something unpermitted that can affect your refinancing options. Most banks will tell you, “We’re not going to touch this.” However, PrimeLending offers an appraisal that takes into consideration only the permitted items on a lot. We will be able to do the loan without counting that unpermitted unit as part of the value.

If you find yourself in a situation like this and would like to know details on it, feel free to give us a call at PrimeLending. We’re experts on these kinds of financing options and we’d be glad to help you.

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